My name is Lorna Wallace and I am a Chesterfield (UK) based self-taught abstract artist. I am working hard to find a way of seeing the world around me which is unique, creative and truly my own. I work from my imagination as well as photos and, as part of my learning journey, have studied the approaches a techniques of artists from all over the world.

Most of my paintings are based on the natural world – in particular exploring light, colour, texture and my emotional reaction/relationship with the environment.

I often start my paintings uncertain of what it is going to emerge – of where the journey is going to take me. I place colours on the canvas without thinking – intuitively. I am aiming for colourful and textured abstractions although I often work with a limited palette or in monochrome. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but however it turns out I find the journey somehow liberating and therapeutic!

I work primarily in acrylic and, more recently, oil paint, applying the paint in layers using palette knives, rollers and brushes and I will often use oil sticks, pastels, charcoal and pigment powders as well, to produce a range of different effects.

Constructive comments, criticism and discussion are welcome.

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