Work in Progress – soft pastel on acrylic

In my last blog I talked about the 4 pieces that I am currently working on and in this blog I want to trace progress to date on one of the pieces – an abstract landscape with acrylic base, over painted with soft pastel on board covered in rough textured hessian with a black background.

20160822_141945 In my initial blog I showed what the base painting looked like -basically, bands of colour painted onto the canvas using palette knives, with some colour blending and some marks created by scratching through to the base.

I like to use a relatively limited number of colours when painting and for this piece I’ve used Burnt Sienna, Cerulean Blue, Lemon Yellow, Rose Madder and White.

For those who might be interested – Cerulean Blue, Lemon or Cadmium Yellow and Rose Madder are my Primary Colours – so for all of my paintings I will use at least 2 of these colours.

Abstract Landscape in Mixed Media - Stage 2Unfortunately, the photos I took of the intervening stages failed to take! Clearly – incompetence on my part however, this is a photo of the finished article (or is it? Hmmm …)

What the photos (had they taken) would have shown is how I layered the pastel shades – one on top of the other, with each layer being blended and then fixed before the next one was applied.

All in all, 3 layers of pastel were applied using the same colours as above and using a process of blending to create the greens and oranges. Whilst I am relatively pleased with the outcome I do feel that the pastel colours are much more muted (dull) as compared to the acrylic paint. Of course, this may not be a bad thing but the brilliance has certainly disappeared! I am not sure either to what extent the black background has affected the final outcome – it might be a useful experiment to replicate this painting on a white background. Another project for another day!

Let me know what you think and any comments welcome.