Study in Blue

The second of my four current pieces – Study in Blue – is finished. Painted in Acrylic on to a 23 X 30cm canvas using palette knives and brushes.

This piece has been produced using Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine (I used ready mixed Ultramarine but this colour can be produced by mixing Cerulean Blue or Cyan with Permanent Rose or Magenta), Lemon Yellow, White and Black (Payne’s Grey).




Initially, I painted in the borders and the basic shapes and markings using Payne’s Grey.




Study in Blue - stage 2

The second stage comprised of layering in the basic blocks of colour – primarily using the Blues and White.

A little Lemon Yellow was added for contrast and highlights.

I applied the paint with palette knives and in different directions in order to enhance contrast and a sense of dimension and movement/fluidity.



The third stage involved further building up of the layers, colours and markings as well as touching up the Black borders and shapes to provide definition.




Study in Blue Final final


Finally, a added some simple Black lines using cards of different lengths.

Personally, I feel that these transform this piece from a 2 dimensional, flat painting to a more 3 dimensional piece.



Sudy in Blue in situ


And here it is in its final resting place – framed by a Spider Plant which brings out the colours nicely!

Hope you like it and look forward to your comments.