Latest Piece -Flowing Water & Mountains

I have just completed my latest piece – at least, I finished it about a week ago but it has sat around on the easel whilst I pondered about whether I should do or add any more to it. In the end, I decided that it was good enough – but I am open to and actively welcome comments and suggestions.

Initially, I thought that this was a new style for me but realise that it is quite similar to some pieces that I produced a few years ago.

This is a significantly larger piece than I would normally produce at 50 x 65 cms (20 X 26 inches) although I am starting to scale up my work generally.

This piece follows on from my experimental piece using Inktense Block, Neocolor and Oilbar. I used the same basic method as before – charcoal markings followed by layering of colours and selecting/pulling out of basic shapes – and this is the picture that emerged.

This is painted using charcoal, Inktense Block and Neocolour on 500g gesso’d Watercolour Board; 50 x 65 cms.

I am really interested in feedback on this piece. Hope you like it!