Messing About

Sometimes, when inspiration has passed me by, I like to just mess around doing whatever comes to mind and testing out new ideas or techniques.

Abstract – 2016

I have been really struggling to do a large piece using paint and water to create runs in order to produce a reasonably interesting abstract piece. Having given it 2 shots and ending up gessoing over both attempts I decided to try something out smaller – partly to practice the technique, partly to alleviate my frustration. This is the result.




Falling – 2016

Whilst waiting for the one above to dry, I painted this one – starting with drawing around an object randomly on the board and then painting the shapes and filling in the background. Not the most brilliant piece but jolly and a bit of fun.



Both of these pieces are Acrylic on 25X25cms Board.


Through a Door Sideways – 2016

Having loosened up a bit and whilst waiting for yet another coat of gesso to dry I decided to have a go at an idea for an abstract that I’ve had for some time but just not got around to doing. Here’s the finished item, the stages I went through are posted on my website as an Art Project. A mixed media piece (Acrylic & Oilbar) on 25X25cms Board.



As ever, comments welcome. Let me know what you think.