Accidents and Experiments

So, who would have thought that White Spirit would melt a plastic cup? Clearly, not me! Luckily I spotted it before it had completely disintegrated the cup and was able to decant most of the White Spirit into a more robust container. But, unfortunately, now my studio stinks of White Spirit, I’ve had to open a window despite it being freezing outside and beat a hasty retreat whilst the fumes dissipate. Despite this setback I have managed to do some painting today, carrying on some stuff I’ve been experimenting with over the past couple of weeks.

Experiment in Mono Printing

Print 1

Recently I had a go at some mono printing using various different media (acrylic, watercolour, ink, oil sticks, oil pastels etc.) with mixed success. I was particularly pleased at how the oil stick mono prints came out. Each print was taken from the same original plate.

Print 2
Print 3

Each one was very different from the previous version and made on to different paper. Print 1 was on oil paper, print 2 onto plain old photocopying paper and print 3 on to brown, pastel paper. Still work in progress and I am contemplating what the next step with these is.


I didn’t really have as much success with the other media except for a complete accident with the inks that I’ve not been able to replicate!


Dealing with by-products


With both the mono printing and my previous project I have managed to accumulate a whole load of scrap paper with various amounts of paint on it – either from cleaning the brayer or from removing excess paint from paintings. Either way, this is a sample of what I have stacked up.


Now, I could just bin it all but I thought I would experiment with these and see whether something  of interest could be produced whilst trying out some new techniques.

I’d read an article about automatic drawing and thought I’d give this a go. Using some of the above scraps, I used a variety of medium (pencil, graphite, charcoal, coloured pencils, oil pastels etc.) and some reductive techniques (scratching and wiping way using White Spirit to make random marks.

And today I’ve gone over these with a wash of oil paint (another tip gathered from an article re using Liquin Original).


I am really pleased with how these are turning out. Now, these are all on really poor quality paper but possibly still usable as collage materials and have definitely given me some ideas for future projects and I may still do some more work on these – when the stench of toxic White Spirit has disappeared!!