Reflections: No. 4


Refections 4
Lorna Wallace
(Ref: 0004)

Medium: Oil on 250gsm oil paper (unvarnished)
Original Image size: 16cms X 11cms

I recently posted this piece on Facebook and Instagram and a number of people have asked for more information on the techniques used to produce this piece.

Following a visit to the Gerhart Richter exhibition at Tate Modern in 2012, I started to experiment with this technique – over layering and dragging layers of paint – producing a range of atmospheric and almost dreamlike outcomes. By 2016 I was referencing a number of other artistic influences including Barbara Rae, Peter Iden, Peter Lanyon and, more recently, Hiroshi Matsumoto and SurajFineArts. I have produced a number of paintings, in both acrylic and oils, in this style and have continued to develop this approach to date with some interesting and unexpected outcomes.

In this particular piece I have used a relatively limited palette comprised of:

  • Prussian Blue mixed with a tiny amount of Paynes Grey
  • Cerulean Blue Hue
  • Phthalo Green
  • Cadmium Red
  • Titanium White

The base layer of Prussion Blue plus Paynes Grey was laid down using a credit card but could easily have been applied using either a palette knife or squeegee. I have chosen to lay down a base colour of pure (undiluted) oil paint both vertically and then overlaid in parts, horizontally. This has created a textured effect by creating different layers as well as dragging the paint.

The second layer was applied about a week later, whilst the base layer was still tacky but not completely wet.  Cerulean Blue, interspersed with Titanium White has been applied horizontally, using pieces of different sized credit card. By applying, lifting and reapplying layers over a tacky base layer has meant that in some areas the paint has ‘lifted’ and/or split, revealing the base. I have also used cut up credit card with a serrated edge to drag paint down and to scratch through to the base layer creating marks and texture.

The same technique as above has been used using the Phthalo Green interspersed with Titanium white, but applied horizontally and without the marking.

Finally, the Cadmium Red has been applied to the centre. Very small amounts of paint have been used with thin pieces of cut up credit card – some with a flat edge, some with a serrated edge. By using small amounts of paint and serrated edged card I have been able to create a sense of flow.

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, or finding out about my work more generally, please see the information below:

Reflections: No. 4
Price: Original unframed £25.00
Limited edition prints (unframed):
170gsm Matte/Glossy Photo Paper            190gsm Fine Art Paper
A5 £5.00                                                           A5 £10.00
A4 £10.00                                                        A4 £25.00
A3 £15.00                                                         A3 £45.00
Cards: £2.00 each
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