Getting the balance right!

It seems absolutely ages since I actually did any painting and I’m starting to feel a little frustrated.

I’m trying to sort out my finances, find a job and get my art ‘business’ up and running. Whilst I am getting on top of the finances and bashing out job applications (including a couple of job interviews), the trying to sell my art seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time on a whole load of ‘business’ stuff (business & marketing plans, printing up portfolio of work, doing social media, talking to people!!! etc) which means that I’ve not had any time for painting which, of course, is really what I want to do!

On a more positive side, I do now have a printed portfolio of work (still got loads to add – but at least I have something!) and it feels really great, showing it to people and getting some positive feedback. I’ve had a great meeting with a local photographer and she has come up with some really useful ideas and suggestions about how I can market my art and get it out there.

The most exciting development though, is that I’ve submitted 6 pieces to the Great Sheffield Art Show (17th & 18th November, preview on the 16th). Making the decision to submit my work (first time ever as an adult) has been really helpful in galvanising me to actually mount and frame a load of my art works. I’ve now learnt how to cut mounts and can only say that my work has been transformed by being mounted and framed. Now it’s fingers crossed that at least one of the pieces is selected – even better if it sells!

Thanks to Alison Loydall for the photos. (Also available as A5, A4, A3 Prints and as cards, contact me for more information).

Now to get on with some painting!







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