New Beginnings

I have been working hard over the past year to get to a position where I can establish and run an art business – selling my own art as originals and as prints/cards. I can honestly say it has been a rollercoaster. It’s taken a lot longer than I’d anticipated and been something of an uphill struggle at times.

As well as painting, I’ve had to master a whole load of new  skills including photographing, digitising, editing, cataloging and printing but I promised myself that the start of the financial Year (April 1st, 2019) I would be running my art business. The good news is that I’m there – at least, I’m at the start of actually selling something, to someone – hopefully!

I’ve set up an Amazon Handmade shop – and an Etsy shop – and have started to post my first few items.

The first item I posted comprised of an original piece – Flowers in a Bowl, painted earlier this year (2019). Painted on hardboard, with mixed media and finished with Oilbar.  This is available as an original and as an A3 print.

An original abstract artwork by Chesterfield Artist

As a really new business, I am looking for some honest feedback on my shops, pricing and work as well as help in promoting my shops. I’m particularly keen to get feedback on the following:

  • What do the shops look like to potential customers? Are they inviting, welcoming, clear?
  • Are they easy to find and navigate?
  • How could they be improved?
  • Do you know other people who might be interested in what I am doing and selling?
  • If so, would you pass on the details of my shops, encourage them to sign up for my newsletter, post about me and my work on social media – help me spread the word?

Please visit my shops, like them and let me know what you think.