Preparations Underway

Some time ago I was given a large number of pre-cut 10 x 10 inch hardboard pieces for painting on, and I have been using these intermittently on and off.

I do like working on a firm surface and probably prefer it to canvas for anything that requires a lot of pressure or scraping back. Until now, I’ve not bothered mounting my hardboard paintings and have framed them instead – they look good but it’s an expensive business.

I did have a go at mounting some of my completed works on a pine frame, and even at making a floating frame – tricky, fiddly and I’m not sure how well it worked.

This time round, I’ve pre-planned!! I’ve built the pine frames.

Mounted the hardboard, covered it with muslin and gessoed it – it has all taken quite a lot of time but I think it’s worked.

Can’t start to get painting on these!

What do you think?

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