Late Summer, Early Autumn Stout

People who know me know that I like my stouts and I am always struck at how little of the the dark stuff there seems to be in the Summer months. So, having brewed my American style Simcoe Pale Ale I resolved to brew my first stout of 2016.

A basic and straight forward 4.5%Boiling Hops 10 litre recipe using the last of my Willamette hops:

1830g Pale Ale Malt, 265g Roast Barley, 185g Rauchmalz, 135g Chocolate Malt, 54g Willamette Hops (added in 3 lots – 60 mins, 30 mins and 10 mins), British Ale Yeast

All fermenting away very nicely – hopefully ready to barrel by the weekend, drinkable by the end of September.


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