Oilbar and Inktense Block experiment

This was an experimental piece of work using a range of media, some of which were new to me – the Inktense Blocks and the Oilbars.

As this was an experimental piece testing out the various media and just allowing me to play I’ve used cheap drawing paper – not the best base, but good enough to play on.


I started the project off with some roughly drawn charcoal markings – random scribbles, using both hands.





The next stage was to add some colour washes using the Inktense Blocks along with Neocolor Crayons. Some additional charcoal markings were also added.



20160911_1306101Yet more washes were laid down using the Inktense Blocks. In addition I started to add some of the Oilbar colour and added some Gesso in places. At this point I started to highlight particular elements of the painting that I liked – emphasising them with charcoal borders. I also rotated the picture in order to get a different perspective on the overall design.





Some more layers were added using the Oilbars and using the black Inktense Block for the lines and shapes I want to keep. Once again, rotating the picture in order to get different perspectives as well as to be able to work on specific areas easily.





Some final colour blending with the Oilbars and further highlighting of the lines and various shapes and the piece is finished.

A long way from perfect but loved the feel of both the Inktense Blocks and the Oilbars. Can’t wait to practice some more!


Look forward to your comments.

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