Yellow and Black Abstract 2016

This piece is an Acrylic Abstract painted on to board using yellow, black, white and permanent rose. The piece measures 10 X 10 inches (25.5 X 25.5 cms)



Stage 1: Yellow and
white acrylic paint painted on to board painted with a black acrylic background using a spatula and card.






Stage 2: Additional yellow and white acrylic alongside black and a small amount of permanent rose added using spatula and card. Additional markings added through scratching.






Stage 3: The whole piece was covered in white acrylic and further markings added.





Stage 4: A final layer of yellow, black, white and permanent rose added along with additional markings.




I rotated this piece in order to decide which way up I felt most happy with and have settled for this. I also left this piece for a while just pondering whether it is finished or whether I need to anything more. I have decided that it is finished and that there is nothing to be gained by continuing to add to it. All that’s needed now is to varnish and frame.

Comments welcome.

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